Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm, LLC
55 River Road, Steep Falls, Maine  04085
Welcome to Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm, privately owned and operated by Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant Mark Braun and his wife Tammy.

At present, we have just shy of 6,000 lavender plants. About one third of these are Munstead (white, dark and pale). The remainder of our farm is dedicated to Lavender Phenomenal. We love the beauty and color variation of the Munstead and use these plants for craft classes, making wreaths, wedding bouquets and specialty projects. The Lavender Phenomenal, with its heady and strong scent, 24" long stems and large heads are used for fresh bouquets that florists seem to love and are also dried to be used in product.

Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm is proud to be a veteran owned and operated business. A tremendous amount of our personal joy comes from sharing what we have created here with others. From "drop ins" to open farm days, we LOVE VISITORS. We currently have a TENTRR site set up along the banks of the river for guests to book and stay here at the farm "glamping style". We are hoping to add a second site this coming year so that more folks can stay with us. We will keep you posted on this as we progress into the Spring.

This past year, 2019 was a year of recovery and rediscovery here at the farm.  Due to flooding, we lost our entire crop.  Over the course of the season, we replanted 10,000 plants, added new and unique landscape areas for photos and relaxation and collected ourselves for a full throttle re-opening in June of 2020.  We have even planted a "you pick" section to the farm.  Be watching for updates on wreath classes, classes for bridal parties, etc.  

We hope you enjoy a little peek around the farm through our website. If there is something you would like- that we don't have- please email or call us and let us know. Our email address is Our phone is 207-332-6502. Each year we introducing new products. We try to keep things unique. We have lavender stuffed quilts, lap blankets and shawls. Lavender seedling starters and plants. Our new honey flavors include: lavender, lemonbalm, fresno chili, rosemary, thyme and jalapeno. Honey never tasted so good. We also have lavender wands, dried bundles, bulk lavender blossoms, perfume, lotion, balm, essential oil and much, much more. This seasons special items include lavender filled scarves and ponchos.

UPDATE!!!   August 1 & 2 will be our LAST open farm date until after second bloom this year.   We will have Christmas sales the weekend of Thanksgiving.

This season was so different from any other.   It lagged behind then expoloded on us.  Everything has been harvested.  We are madly processing product.  Our last open farm day for this season will be this coming weekend, August 1 & 2 from 11am till 4pm.  After that- we will post product on-line.  

A few things!   We cannot return phone calls inquiring about our hours.  We received upwards of 100 calls per day.  Times and days will be posted on facebook, google and here.   We do NOT have any more wreaths this season.  We will have wreaths (dried) available for Thanksgiving sales (those will come from second harvest).  We will keep you updated!