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In 2022, we decided to bring a little culture to the fields by offering several concert and entertainment opportunities. Needless to say, they were a HUGE hit.

For 2023, we have 10 scheduled musical concert opportunities to attend, our first being Friday, June 23rd at 6 pm. 

Our list of performances includes the following:

Mia Bella - Violinist (with varying accompanying instruments for each event).

Franco-American Music with Don and Cindy Roy.

Paco, our live Oldies Entertainer. 

And a special performance by Dennis Labbe - also known as "Mr. Magic".  

Please see the "More" tab located at the top of the browser for dates, times, and bios of each performer we have this summer.  Ticket links are included on each bio page. 

One of the most delightful experiences we offer here at Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm is the opportunity for you to make your own fresh lavender wreath.

Guests arrive and walk the path to the lavender tables, situated under the shade of mighty oaks, against the backdrop of 6,000 lavender plants in bloom. Guests work at their own pace, oftentimes come in groups with friends and/or family, and sit, surrounded by the aroma of lavender, with gentle river breezes blowing gently across the fields.

Wreath-making classes last approximately 2 hours. Guests then have an opportunity to walk the property, sit by the river in the shade, take photographs in the fields, and visit the farm's incredibly friendly and lovable animals who often roam freely on the grounds.

For those who are crafty and especially for those who don't feel they have a crafty bone in their bodies.... not one guest has ever left here with a wreath anything less than stunningly beautiful. 

A favorite here at the farm is the goat social visit opportunities. Upon arrival, you are escorted to the enclosed orchard, where a herd of Nigerian Dwarf and Angora goats greet you. As friendly as the most loving dog... the goats seek human attention and affection. You can sit in Adirondack chairs or in the clover as the goats roam, snuggle and play with their visitors.

Our current crew of goats:

Leeloo, Luna, Rumple, Finn, Primrose, Gunny, Violet, Edyth, Petunia, Echo, Abner, Huckleberry, Renny, Wyatt, Hugo, Percy, Phoenix, River, Walter and Willy.