Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm, LLC
55 River Road, Steep Falls, Maine  04085


Lavender Classes for 2023

We are incredibly pleased to be hosting another summer of

lavender wreath-making classes.

You will sit under the shade of oaks among the fields of

Munstead and Phenomenal lavender (6000+ plants) 

While crafting your own lavender wreath. 

This year we are offering our regular 8" wreaths

(which are 12"+ upon completion). 

We will also offer an XXL wreath-making class

(with 14" frames 18"+ upon completion).  

Classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays only,

due to the addition of our live Concert series in the fields,

taking place on Friday nights.  

Classes are rain or shine, as we do have canopies available

to erect to protect you from light rain. 

I will say that if we have a torrential storm come through,

lightning or thunder, or high winds, that class

will be canceled and you may reschedule for any of

the remaining dates on the calendar whether it is full or not.

If the storm is just passing and we have an opportunity

to hold off for up to 1/2 hour prior to beginning,

we will do so.    Storms can pop up quickly as we are

directly on the river and they CAN cause danger.  Trust me..

no class is worth harm -This is supposed to be fun!

Guests are welcome to bring their own beverages and snacks 

Make a Wreath - Summer 2023

$50.00 - $110.00

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