Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm, LLC
55 River Road, Steep Falls, Maine  04085

  Craft Classes 

This coming season we are doing things a little differently.  During our Farm Open House Days (Saturdays from the second week of June through the third week of July) we will be holding OPEN CRAFT CLASSES for making your own wreaths and lavender wands.  Each class is $35.00 per person.  You can come and go as you please to the craft stations, as instructors will be present at all times.  Simply pay the $35.00 fee, obtain a wrist band (or ticket) and find an open seat at your desired craft station.

If you are interested in a private session- just give us a shout via email ( or call 207-332-6502 and we will make it happen.

Start Your Own
Lavender Farm Session
Ever dream of owning and operating your own little slice of heaven?  Retirement dream?  A little source of extra income?  So many folks over the course of a season call, drop in or email asking how we got started?  How can THEY do this as well?  Where's the darn help??!!   Well, we are your first source of information when making the decision of whether lavender could be what you are looking for.  During our information session, we spend quality time, in a relaxed environment, telling you how we got started, the many-MANY mistakes we made, the lessons we have learned and the incredible journey getting here.  Some walk away knowing this is not the "thing" for them, but most walk away with a game plan in hand and the drive to start their own farms.  We are there every step of the way, but it all begins here.  Class is scheduled for 90 minute sessions.  We have never had a class go under the 2 hour mark and often find that it goes well beyond that.  Depends on how many questions participants have.  You may leave at any time, but we are also quite accommodating to those who need more time.  Click on the button labled "getting started" and register for class.   Select class date from dropdown menu.   Classes are limited to 6.   First come, first served.  All classes are on Sunday's (due to conflicting schedules with other obligations) from 11am to 12:30pm

Propagation Class

This spring we will be offering a propagation class.  Participants will walk the existing lavender fields, be shown how to select plants to propagate from, how to take a cutting properly, process that cutting and pot it for its 6 week root growth.  The fee for participation is $25.00 per student.  Each student will take 100 cuttings and pot them with supervision and instruction.  After 6 weeks, each student will be allowed to return, select 25 of their 100 cuttings to take home with them and plant.  We have space for 20 students only.  Class will NOT be rescheduled due to inclement Spring weather - so dress appropriately.   We have ONLY TWO days for this class in order for the propagated seedlings to be able to be planted this year.  Please choose class date from the dropdown menu.