Our current crew of goats: 

Leeloo, Luna, Rumple, Finn, Primrose, Gunny, Violet, Edyth, Petunia, Echo, Abner, Huckleberry, Renny, Wyatt, Hugo, Percy, Phoenix, River, Walter and Willy.

Goat Social Visits

Goat Social Visits


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Goat Social Visits

A favorite here at the farm is the goat social visit opportunities.  Upon arrival, you are escorted to the enclosed orchard, where a herd of Nigerian Dwarf and Angora goats greet you.  As friendly as the most loving dog... the goats seek human attention and affection.  You can sit in Adirondack chairs or in the clover as the goats roam, snuggle and play with their visitors.  

May Dates Now Posted!!

Goat Visits are now available.  We will be open for goat social visits on the following days in May:

Saturday, May 20th from 10am through 1pm.  

Sunday, May 21st from 11am through 1pm.  

Saturday, May 27th from 10am through 1pm.  

Sunday, May 28th from 11am through 1pm. 

Completely enclosed shoes are required for ALL visitors.  No sandals, flip-flops, or any other open-toed shoes.  If you do NOT have appropriate footwear, you will NOT be permitted inside the goat paddock.  It is recommended that jewelry and anything "dangly" or "flashy" be left behind.  Long hair should be tied back.  Our herd is incredibly friendly and loveable.... but they are goats... and goats like to grab dangly things!   PLEASE DO NOT USE HAND SANITIZER PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT AS IT IS TOXIC TO GOATS.  No food is allowed inside the goat paddock.  Rumor has it that goats can and will eat anything... this is not true and they have a very tender constitution.