Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm, LLC
55 River Road, Steep Falls, Maine  04085



 This year, we are open to the general public on ONE day, July 24 from 10am till 4pm for tours.  This is the state of Maine's open farm day.  

This year, we have chosen to try something different.  We have many classes and opportunities to visit the farm, please see our classes and tickets tab.   

It was a difficult decision to not open our door wide to the general public for 8 weeks this year after doing so for the past six years.  However, the past two years have left us with dirty diapers, trash, and cigarette butts throughout our fields after visits.  We have had folks enter private cottages on the property (that have guests in them) and wander to places that are not included in the farm tours.  We have woken to folks roaming our property, picking lavender, and getting upset when we ask them to leave our home.  Most of these folks have passed through locked gates, gone around farm equipment, and simply helped themselves.   Last season, we had a child KICK a blind animal here on the farm, its mother justified the action by stating that the child just wanted to see the animal "move".  Can't move if you don't see a kick coming!  This was the straw that broke the camel's back for us and was paramount in our decision to close our doors except for private functions, classes, and personal exceptions.

Because of the frantic nature of "lavender" and the very short window we have to enjoy its beauty and get it harvested, we are unavailable to take questions by phone.  If you have questions that are not answered on our web page, please email or TEXT 207-332-6502, as we check both twice daily.  

We make exceptions to the "no general public".  We love visitors.  If you are in Maine, and want to visit the farm, but do not want to purchase a ticket to an event or class, email us with the date and time (BE SPECIFIC) you would like to visit and we will do everything we can to make this happen for you.  

Thank you for understanding, and thank you for respecting our home!