Braun's Riverside Lavender Farm, LLC
55 River Road, Steep Falls, Maine  04085

Where do i get it!??

Riverside Lavender Farm makes an abundance of product.  We have lotions, soaps, felted soaps, essential oil, artwork, dry and fresh lavender (fresh is seasonal), pillows, aprons with lavender in the collars, shawls with lavender lined inside them, aromatherapy arrangements, culinary items..... whatever strikes our fancy, we make it and put it out for retail sale.  

Because we are an active farm year round, it is impossible for us to have a retail store on property and manage to get anything done. SO... we have a retail location located within the Hometown Furnishing Co. building at the corner of 25/35 in Standish, Maine.  The bottom floor boasts the Standish Cafe and the remainder of the building is home to many local artists work and wares.  

Riverside Lavender has a rotating supply of lavender retail product located on the second floor of the building.  There is a gorgeous old bar area, our retail cart is located in this room, updated weekly.

During our open farm time, late June through September of every year, the farm has fresh lavender available for sale, directly on farm grounds.  However, most "product" will still be found only at our retail location in Standish.

baby goat visits - 2022

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We have unbridaled excitement over all of our new babies on the farm this year.  We have four goat mamas that are ready to give birth at any moment.  Because they need to be socialized like the rest of the crew, we are offering 40 minute goat visit sessions.  These sessions are for up to 5 people at $10.00 per person.  We have scheduled visits for February 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27.  All days are either Saturday or Sunday.  Times are 10am - 1040am, 11am - 1140am.  2pm - 240pm and 3pm - 340pm.  Please make sure to carefully select your day and time from the drop down menu.  If you are having difficulty booking, please email us at

You should dress WARM.  You should also wear clothing that you do not mind getting "farm dirty" and waterproof boots/footware.

Baby Goat Social Visit


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As each time/day sells out, it will become unable to be selected.  If you choose your day first, it will show you what times are remaining.  If you chose your time frame first, it will show you the dates available.  If there is a cancellation, it will be put back into the rotation of availability.